A Launchpad for Cannabis Businesses

The cannabis industry is on the brink of explosion. We are here to guide you through the chaos and lead you to profit. Whether you are a seasoned investor looking to get in on the “green rush”, or a first time entrepreneur looking for guidance, we can help.

“This is a BOOMING industry!”

Investor Programs

It is no secret that the cannabis industry is booming. With the plethora of cannabis related business opportunities continuing to grow, the interest amongst investors has spiked tremendously. We provide consulting and coaching for investors.

Start-Up Accelerator

Launching a company can be quite the undertaking. Launching a company in the medical marijuana and cannabis industry is a MONUMENTAL undertaking. Our experts provide consulting, coaching, and connections to assist with launching a company.

Business Development

Do you have an idea for cannabis business? Our business development team is dedicated to making ideas come to light! Our team is skilled in many areas including advanced web applications, mobile app development, sourcing, manufacturing, and much more.

Portfolio companies featured in:

Start-Up Accelerator Program

Invest 420 provides tech startups with the resources and connections they need to get to the next level. We provide mentorship from a seasoned pool of knowledgeable experts, stellar perks, educational and social events, and the opportunity to pitch to angel investors and venture capitalist firms at the end of the program.

Investor Programs

Imagine investing in alcohol right before prohibition ended.. That is where we are currently at with the cannabis industry. The BOOM has not even began. The idea of investing in a cannabis related business has investors minds running wild. The possibilities are endless! With the plethora of cannabis related business opportunities continuing to grow, investors are buzzing. Invest420 connects investors with early stage startup companies that have a large potential for growth.